Website Development In Progress


We provide the following services and planning to expand our services.
  1. Web Site Design and Development
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. E-Commerce Websites
  4. Logo Design
  5. Website Maintainance

Website Design/Development and Logo Design

We take our clients seriously and provide a satisfactory product, we depend not only on SEO but also "Word of mouth". Our solution helps client improve, grow and make impressive presence. Just like business buildings websites represents your business's status and standard. We work with our clients keeping that in mind.

"A website having great design and graphics but without considering accessibility and load time such that it takes around 1 or 2 minutes to load is not suitable for businesses."


"A website both accessible and well designed but does not turns up in "Search Engine" results, when searched for with full company URL is again not suitable because that business will be missing a portion of marketing opportunity. Thus has to spend more money for their marketing, costing them extra budget then predicted."

So all website we develop are built considering firstly Design, Accessibility, Standards and Search Engine Optimization, so the website will be ready for further development and improvement.

Our Approach

Following are the steps we follow for website design and development.
  1. You submit your project with details to us.
  2. We analyze your project.
  3. We agree upon time and budget.
  4. We will draft a demo "Template/Website".
  5. Once you approve the draft and we receive deposit.
  6. We start working on your project.
  7. During development we will keep continues contact with you.
  8. Once project is complete and online. Full payment request will be sent to you.
  9. Once payment is received we will hand over the project to you.
The above process only applies to Website Design/Development projects and Logo Design, for search engine optimization and website maintenance services see particular sections below.


Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization packages are based on yearly bases only. Search engine optimization is slow and continues process which if performed correctly will provide good results in month's time.

Search Engine optimization is a process to be considered from the start of project, and does not works quite well after the project is complete.